Saturday, November 14, 2009

Whats With the Mood ?

Easily hurt...easily disappointed....easily angered...what's with me ? Is it the hard work or is it something to do with the hormones ? Or am I just tired of being taken for a ride all the time?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Puja Ashchei

After months of planning, the hubby and I with the mother-in-low in tow finally landed in Kolkata last Friday. We decided to arrive a week before the Pujas becuase we wanted to soak in the "Pujo Ascheii" (The Pujas are Comming) atmosphere at Kolkata. As the final countdown begins with the arrival of Mahalaya, we have our own Bengali version of the "Adven" which loosely translates into making plans for speanding the four days of the Pujas and crowding the nearest markets.

I haven't had much time to actually do what I came here to do i.e. soak in the pre-puja excitement in Kolkata (something towards which I had a Scrooge-like attitude when I was living here)due to various social engagements(treading on egg-shells if you ask me nowhere does taking one sweetmeat less gives the cause for such hair-splitting analysis to the elderly hostesses as in Kolkata).

Anyway, coming back to the point, the pre-puja excitement, what I really enjoy is seeing the glow of excitement and expectancy on the faces of those for whom this is the one time of the year when the purse strings are loosened (after months of saving) and the annual purchase of new clothes is undertaken with a lot fanfare. They usually set out for shopping in loud groups and visit several shops before zeroing in on their purchase. It is irritating when one is in a hurry and is caught up by one such "family buying group" but if one looks beyond the immediate and reflect on the amount of significance that this simple activity has for so many people...the true spirit of the Pujas gradually seeps into your soul.

I plan to visit Gariahat tomorrow and I won't carry a handbag not because I don't want to spend money but because the crowds will be such that I won't need to move any part of my body the push and shove of the crowd will propel me forward.

More on this later.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Gym

1. It is a semi-run down derelict institution on the bye-lanes of Rajinder Nagar.
2. The only reason that I go there is because I have bonded very well with the trainer and his routine works for me.
3. There are waaay too many "kept" women who come in to exercise less and gossip more about there dogs, mother-in-laws, jewellery, kids and husbands (in that order). I call them the "Divas".
4. The Divas believe that switching off the fans and then sweating in the heat helps them lose weight not the intensity of the exercise.
5. The owner of the gym is a tone-deaf zombie who does not even realise that the same CD has been spun 5 times in the past two hours.
6. It is fun to watch the gym owner run after the only "maw-del" type bhabhi who comes to his gym.
7. I haven't been able to fulfil my cherished desire yet and that is to break one of the equipment at the gym and cause the owner some angst.
8. I heart the mother-daughter duo who work out together and wish that I shared that easy relationship with my mother.
9. Somewhere along the line I have become a listening post to the teenagers in the gym....and I really enjoy my position.
10. Discovery : It is possible to have a higher fitness level at 32 than what you had 22...ask me.
11. My biggest fear is that it will all collapse and I will go back to being where I was....nahiiiiiiiiiin !

Working Out

I spent the whole of my anniversary around 7 months ago at Gangaram Hospital going through a round of tests. The results were rather simple....I was obese bordering on morbid....Things that were meant to be low (such as HDL) were high and things that were meant to be high were low (such as LDL). So the Doc wrote out some medication and sent me off to see a dietician at the hospital. I met a lady who changed my life. She was just so passionate about health and eating right. And she gave me a simple chart to follow and recommended 45 minutes of walking.
On 9th March 2009, I began spending 45 minutes walking around the park hauling my 83 kilo frame as I huffed and puffed along. As is wont to happen to me whenever I try to do something , I was faced with numerous obstacles such intense pain in places I never knew existed, work pressure...the works...but I plodded on. The pain in my legs being a constant companion. Then one Saturday in May, I woke up to feeling so much lighter and the pain had disappeared...and life has never been the same again.

I now go to the gym regularly into clothes that are over ten years old and can give a 19 year old a run for her money on the treadmill. Last week, I bought a kurti off the streets of Lajpatnagar and they fitted.

I have been very, very superstitios about talking about my weight loss because for once it has been working, but the reason that I am posting is because I have only 4 more kgs left to reach my goal and it is taking so damn long.......wishes please.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

50 Rupees

Yesterday, on the way to my gym (yesss...folks, I am trying to treat my body like a temple and it is no fun. ), it was around 6 am and I was the only person on the street. One has to be very careful when walking through the streets of Old Rajinder Nagar, Delhi thanks to the doggy poo lying around (a rant post on this in the offing) and there I was carefully walking with my head down looking out for potential "mines" and I saw a crisp 50 rupee note just lying there in the middle of the street. I checked for any strings or attachments to see if it was a part of some one's early morning joke but I found none.

I wrestled with my conscience as to whether I should pick it up and if I did pick the note what would I do with it ? And then I had a flashback.....

I was in college and practically starving, I lived on a sum of Rs. 100 per week and one week, the horrid landlord that we had took 100 bucks off us for carrying out some "repairs" and there I was left with no money for the week. I managed the first two days going without breakfast and then on the third day, I really ahd no clue as to how I was going to make it till the end of the month. I was scared and worried and I did not want to borrow from any one. I just sat down in the college library and prayed with tears.

After college got over, I began walking back to my room and once again I was on a deserted road and I found a 50/= note just lying there (sounds cliched but I swear it's the truth)and I looked around, saw nobody and decided to pick it up. The saved me and lasted me till I received my next meagre replenishment.

Standing there now, 12 years later staring at a similar situation, I recalled my earlier need and desperation and I took a decision. I decided to let the note lie there . On my way back, I saw that the note had gone and I hoped that either :

a. the person who had dropped had picked it up or,
b. a really needy person had come across and found the money just like I had years ago.


My thoughts on reading through some exhchanges of "scraps" and "wall posts" on Orkut and Facebook amongst some old foes from my school days :

At 14 - They were hip and cool in school.

At 24 - They thought that they were hip and cool...and not so far from school.

At 34 - They are still trying to be hip and cool...still living in their dad'd pockets like they did in school. (Never found the time to get a means livelihood)...........The TWB takes a bow and continues lurking and sniggering.

The Erratic Blogger

At this rate , I really ought to change my name from the "The Weekend Blogger" to " The Erratic Blogger". I just seem to be either busy or tired. And the worst part of all this is that nothing that I am being pushed into doing has any direction nor making any sense nor giving me any pleasure. When will this madness end ?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Drawing a Blank

Buying a book is one of the greatest pleasures in my life but I don’t think that it is going to remain so for long. The reason is simple. I like to leisurely browse through the books before I make a choice and for that I need to visit one of those new age bookstores.

The problem begins when I need a specific title. I walk up to one of those smart, young assistants who eye me suspiciously as I approach them. I hesitantly name my request and I am greeted first with an absolutely blank stare and then an expression that breathes fire on the fact that I dare to ask for something that calls for some legwork and the exercise of some grey cells. I hold my ground with persistence. They realize that I am serious and then a mad rush to the computer. Some rapid staccatos on the keyboard follow with much shaking of heads before I am sheepishly asked to spell either the book’s title or the author’s name. As this is now the norm rather than the exception, I have taken my custom to the online bookshops….and yet I find myself dragged into bookshops just to feel myself surrounded by the smell of new paper and the possibilities of the words that the pages hold.

I remember one pleasantly plump assistant at a prominent bookstore in Kolkata and she was a pleasure to deal with. She knew all about the books, authors, and basic storylines in both English and Bengali. In fact, she was the one who encouraged me to try reading Bengali literature and when I hesitantly told her that I was an extremely slow reader in Bengali she gave me Ashapurna Devi’s “Prothom Pratistruti” and had me hooked. The other thing that I remember about her ( For the life of me I can’t remember her name) was the passion that she brought with her, her face glowed every time she made a recommendation or when she sought out a title that the patron wanted. I interacted with her during four or five visits and then like all good things in life she disappeared and I was back to dealing with blank faces.

I too moonlighted as a bookseller’s assistant many years ago in a bid to escape the bullying bosses and two-faced colleagues at the “shitty-bank” that I worked for …but that’s a story I’ll save for another day.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Does It Happen To You ?

I am always getting ideas for blog posts . There have been times when I have actually composed entire posts in my head but the moment I sit down before the comp my mind pulls a blank on me.
Methinks that I am losing it. Someone tell me please that you too experience the same things...please.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Results of the Work of an Idle Mind

An Idle Mind...on a late sunday afternoon....sitting at her laptop and surfing the web and reading blogs but feeling too lazy to do anything productive. So she indulges in a bit of cyber-snooping. She googles in the name of her first official "boyfriend" -- the sleazeball who was years older, who two-timed her and who actually "borrowed" dough from her to go on dates with other girls (Aqua are you reading this ?)---and finds that he has managed to get married and father a son ! His "wife" describes him as her "ideal match" ......Idle Mind check out the wife's pictures and wonder why she looks so sullen in all of them..... and then Idle Mind snorts as she tries to figure out the reason....thinks about feeling sorry for the poor lady.....and then wanders off to seek out the hubby and bestow a large hug on his suprised being singing an old "Carpenters" number....Top of the World.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Signs of Recession -IIII

When the property broker who kept trying to sell you on different "projects" at Manesar....Jaipur...Bhiwadi etc is now trying to convince you to buy a life insurance policy for "only" 7500 bucks per annum.

Signs of Recesssion - II

When you find that establishments are using incense stikcs instead of room fresheners !

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Signs of Recession

You know it's recession when you suddenly find that the humungous white Scorpio which used to block the lane with it's haphazard parking has been replaced by a white Swift.

Ho-hum how times change for some and so quickly too.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


You know you have had it when you sit down to attend a conference call at a colleague's isolated untidy desk and when the call is over the colleague's desk is a picture of neatness and you don't remember having anything to do with it becasue you were so involved in the concall.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still Around

It's been a while since I posted. Actually the recent developments - the economy, 26/11 (incidentally my birthday), the Satyam fiasco, the pressure at work for both self and the hubby and the consequent fears have really fueled by worry genes. And being a chronic worrier, it is so easy to take off.
Perhaps my greatest fear is losing my home due to my inability to pay my EMIs...I mean we haven't borrowed more than we can afford to and stuff like that...but the fear factor is just there because of the overall negativity.
An when fear and insecurity levels are high my envy levels too go up and the people I envy the most are those who have some kind of parental security to fall back on . I mean, it sounds alright to say and think that I will 'make it on my own ' but then when you are left high and dry for no fault of your own , it's nice to have a safety net both economical and emotional to fall back on...while you gather the pieces and make an attempt to move on with your life. I feel really unfortunate that both the hubby and I lack that.
I know that my thinking is that of a ultimate loser and the reason that I am posting it here as that I need some support to puch these thoughts out of system. So help me guys !!