Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Working Out

I spent the whole of my anniversary around 7 months ago at Gangaram Hospital going through a round of tests. The results were rather simple....I was obese bordering on morbid....Things that were meant to be low (such as HDL) were high and things that were meant to be high were low (such as LDL). So the Doc wrote out some medication and sent me off to see a dietician at the hospital. I met a lady who changed my life. She was just so passionate about health and eating right. And she gave me a simple chart to follow and recommended 45 minutes of walking.
On 9th March 2009, I began spending 45 minutes walking around the park hauling my 83 kilo frame as I huffed and puffed along. As is wont to happen to me whenever I try to do something , I was faced with numerous obstacles such intense pain in places I never knew existed, work pressure...the works...but I plodded on. The pain in my legs being a constant companion. Then one Saturday in May, I woke up to feeling so much lighter and the pain had disappeared...and life has never been the same again.

I now go to the gym regularly ...fit into clothes that are over ten years old and can give a 19 year old a run for her money on the treadmill. Last week, I bought a kurti off the streets of Lajpatnagar and they fitted.

I have been very, very superstitios about talking about my weight loss because for once it has been working, but the reason that I am posting is because I have only 4 more kgs left to reach my goal and it is taking so damn long.......wishes please.


teahouse said...

This is wonderful news!! Keep up the good work! It's all about being healthy. You have every reason to be proud of what you've accomplished.

Penguin said...

Hey, TOTAL respect for your determination! I wish I had that kind of motivation really - I very often let work pressure, sleep deprivation and all those excuses get the better of me :-( But kudos to you, girl!