Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Gym

1. It is a semi-run down derelict institution on the bye-lanes of Rajinder Nagar.
2. The only reason that I go there is because I have bonded very well with the trainer and his routine works for me.
3. There are waaay too many "kept" women who come in to exercise less and gossip more about there dogs, mother-in-laws, jewellery, kids and husbands (in that order). I call them the "Divas".
4. The Divas believe that switching off the fans and then sweating in the heat helps them lose weight not the intensity of the exercise.
5. The owner of the gym is a tone-deaf zombie who does not even realise that the same CD has been spun 5 times in the past two hours.
6. It is fun to watch the gym owner run after the only "maw-del" type bhabhi who comes to his gym.
7. I haven't been able to fulfil my cherished desire yet and that is to break one of the equipment at the gym and cause the owner some angst.
8. I heart the mother-daughter duo who work out together and wish that I shared that easy relationship with my mother.
9. Somewhere along the line I have become a listening post to the teenagers in the gym....and I really enjoy my position.
10. Discovery : It is possible to have a higher fitness level at 32 than what you had 22...ask me.
11. My biggest fear is that it will all collapse and I will go back to being where I was....nahiiiiiiiiiin !


Aqua said...

Congrats. Now upload a pic on FB of the new WB. :)

Sucharita Sarkar said...

But your willpower and perseverence is amazing! I have been trying to shed 10-12 kgs for almost three years, but am not really doing anything about it at all. so no diet, no exercise, and no load-shedding.

But your story is inspirational.

And your overview of the gym and the gym-nasts is hilarious.

all the best!

teahouse said...

It is most definitely possible to have a higher fitness level at 32 than at 22! That was certainly true for me.

Thinking Cramps said...

That is one feat of willpower...I am proud of you. Congratulations and hope the last 4 kilos are already melting off...sending more determination, stamina and energy your way...all the best!