Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still Around

It's been a while since I posted. Actually the recent developments - the economy, 26/11 (incidentally my birthday), the Satyam fiasco, the pressure at work for both self and the hubby and the consequent fears have really fueled by worry genes. And being a chronic worrier, it is so easy to take off.
Perhaps my greatest fear is losing my home due to my inability to pay my EMIs...I mean we haven't borrowed more than we can afford to and stuff like that...but the fear factor is just there because of the overall negativity.
An when fear and insecurity levels are high my envy levels too go up and the people I envy the most are those who have some kind of parental security to fall back on . I mean, it sounds alright to say and think that I will 'make it on my own ' but then when you are left high and dry for no fault of your own , it's nice to have a safety net both economical and emotional to fall back on...while you gather the pieces and make an attempt to move on with your life. I feel really unfortunate that both the hubby and I lack that.
I know that my thinking is that of a ultimate loser and the reason that I am posting it here as that I need some support to puch these thoughts out of system. So help me guys !!