Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hello !

After days of reading some fantastic blogs and plenty of questions from Aqua as to when I am going to start my own I am ! What does one write in her first post...about the books she has read ...or the movies she has watched....or about the music she likes ? Don't most blogs being this way ?

Well...who am I ? I am thirty year old lady (?!) trying to get somewhere. I work and I have an opinion on everything but no one cares to listen . I used to be good with the written word but nine years in the financial sector has taken its toll, and I intend to use this blog to try and revive what used to be described as my "way with words".

Why have I called my blog " The Weekend Blogger", well , 5 days a week , I am balancing...trying to be a good worker, being a good wife...and with absolutely no time to call my own, but two hours of the 48 hour week-end is mine do what I feel, read , play sudoku, solve my humunhous 1000 piece puzzle or just blog !

So people, wish me luck as I begin this journey !