Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Results of the Work of an Idle Mind

An Idle Mind...on a late sunday afternoon....sitting at her laptop and surfing the web and reading blogs but feeling too lazy to do anything productive. So she indulges in a bit of cyber-snooping. She googles in the name of her first official "boyfriend" -- the sleazeball who was years older, who two-timed her and who actually "borrowed" dough from her to go on dates with other girls (Aqua are you reading this ?)---and finds that he has managed to get married and father a son ! His "wife" describes him as her "ideal match" ......Idle Mind check out the wife's pictures and wonder why she looks so sullen in all of them..... and then Idle Mind snorts as she tries to figure out the reason....thinks about feeling sorry for the poor lady.....and then wanders off to seek out the hubby and bestow a large hug on his suprised being singing an old "Carpenters" number....Top of the World.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Signs of Recession -IIII

When the property broker who kept trying to sell you on different "projects" at Manesar....Jaipur...Bhiwadi etc is now trying to convince you to buy a life insurance policy for "only" 7500 bucks per annum.

Signs of Recesssion - II

When you find that establishments are using incense stikcs instead of room fresheners !