Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"She Said It" ( or While Watching Sex and the City - Part 1)

We were finally watching the movie " Sex and the City" ....ok, I enjoyed the film even if I honestly and tryuly felt that instead of charging me 200/= for a ticket , they could have just added the film as a "Happily Ever After" epilogue to the last episode of the serial...on second thoughts maybe that's exactly what the smart cookies at Warner Brothers wanted me and millions of other women across the globe to do !

Anyway, back to the real story. The movie was half-way through and there came a scene where Miranda and Carrie comfort each other during a lonely new year's eve and then she said it. Who ? Well, a dressed to the bleeding edge of fashion, a not so young lady, whined in a petulant childish drawl familiar to the idle wives of rich businessmen -- " Dekho na..what good "bestest" friends hain woy log" .

I wasted precious screen time in turning to glare at this wannabe thinking that it had taken her 6 seasons, 94 episodes, numerous write-ups on the TV series and one freaking movie to realise that Carrie and Miranda were indeed "Best Friends" . While the lady in question went back to muching her popcorn and fiddling with her phone...atleast at tomorrow's kitty party she could tell her "frands" that she had "watched" Sex and the City and "just loved it" !!!


Mystic Margarita said...

LOL! Yes...a common fixture at films, these people!

Aqua said...

LOL! y're such a wicked witch hehehe :)

i'm surprised the 'lady of leisure' wasn't blown to bits by your glare.

debbie when will we meet again? :(

teahouse said...

I'm confused..what was she trying to say?

Elsie said...

Good for people to know.