Saturday, December 22, 2007

All About Being Judgemental

This is the first tag and it had to be from Aqua. She wants to be my nasty, catty self....not that it is very difficult. As I started typing this post, I realised how easy it is to point fingers at others and hold them responsible for not living up to MY concepts, beliefs and ideals of "good" or (even worse!) "perfection". Well, and where do I stand on the "perfection meter", not too high in my personal opinion but when I read the "Judgemental" blogs of other bloggers, I realised that I wasn't being judged all that harshly and hence concluded that I wasn't doing too badly (please note the gloating tone) !
So here goes, my list of people and things that I "judge" in no random order:
1. I judge people who live in dirty, untidy homes. They say that "the home is where the heart is" and I really hold it against you if your heart resides in something that resembles a pig sty. It takes barely and hour or two to tidy up and if you have no respect or time for your own nest, then sorry neither do I.
2. I am judgmental about women who make their families an excuse for not delivering on the job. We all have problems at home and yet when we have chosen to step out and have a career whether by choice or by compulsion, we have to deliver the best and not leave it to others to take care of us at work. Leave your husband's opinions ; mother-in-law's advice and your father-in-law's feelings back at home when you come in to the office and give a full day's honest effort.
Let me mention here, that the most inspiring people that have I worked with have all been those who have been battling some serious personal problems such as cancer, divorce etc. is The best performer at work is a girl who is single-handedly bringing up a two-year old baby, she does not work late or on holidays, but the eight hours that she puts in are of the highest quality.
3. In the same vein, I am extremely judgmental about people who take their jobs for granted and go "crib, crib, crib" all the time. Wake up people, we are fortunate to be employed and enjoy a good standard of living when there are millions out there, who would give anything to be in our shoes. Value the source of your good life, else soon you will find yourself high and dry with only your memories and regrets.
4. I am judgmental about women who come by to teach me how to be a "good wife" and "run a good home."
Hell, I am my husband's best friend, I share his financial responsibilities, I understand his stress and fears and though I may not be a gourmet cook, I have a simple, neat and tidy home which is a pleasure to come home to at the the end of a long tiring day . And no, my husband treats me as an equal and does not walk all over me.
5. I judge people who use silly superstitions to avoid responsibilities. Like," we don't touch the garbage can because of our caste" or "my religious belief does not allow me to touch any shoes or slippers " . Yet that does not stop you from leaving the dirt generated(of the non-bodily kind) by you for some one else to pick up and dispose or your dirty slippers in an ad hoc manner anywhere you please ?
6. I judge people who still continue to employ children as servants. I think that that you guys are disgusting, regressive and cruel…no matter what your standing in society is or how wealthy you are.
7. I judge grown men who chose to travel by hand-drawn rickshaws. It is the most inhuman thing to do; if a man can pull you along a distance sitting on a contraption and make you feel like a king for having an extra ten rupee in your pocket…then you can bloody well WALK that same distance (and that would do good to your ample waistline too!).
8. I judge people who were downright nasty to me in my younger years and now all of a sudden become so sweet to me, when they have discovered that life is not one big party sponsored by the parents. I know you guys for what you are, and believe me, you are not going to get anything out of me beyond a few scraps (on Orkut !).
9. I judge people who talk too much and go on and on about how much they earn, how much property they own, and the expenses that they incurred to revamp their homes and yet shirk contributing 100/= to a colleague’s birthday party or leave their building maintenance dues unpaid for years ! Idiotic Cheapo Show Offs.
10. I am getting tired now so this will be the last one, I severely judge grown men and women who still look to their parents for financial support and flaunt their “status” through their parents’ wealth. Grow up guys and lead your own lives and let your parents enjoy the fruits of their labour in their twilight years without having you rush in to take big bites to satiate your inner cravings. Ever heard of things as basic as hard work and thrift?
Phew, I am so tired. I never realized that judging could be so tiring and I did not even write about the spoilt, demanding and idle wives and daughters of rich businessmen, about whom I have some very strong feelings or about those who put their colleagues at risk to reach their own selfish objectives! I just can't go on, it is too negative and feeling negative can be exhausting.
Remind me not to do this judging thing on my blog again for a long, long time to come.


Aqua said...

yeah tiring isn't it? i was supposed to do a part II but this tag is quite taxing and exhausting. with you very strongly on #5.

ONEDIA said...

Wow, Bravo, have you ever noticed that people who display a bit of passion about a subject (such as you just did) are often referred to as "emotional" I think that type of intensity makes many people uncomfortable. So, keep that intensity and passion alive!