Sunday, July 15, 2007

I Want My Money Back - Part 1

That's exactly how I felt after watching "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". I felt as if I the audience was being taken for granted. They have just taken a synopsis of the story and tried to string a movie out of it which is really very unfair. It is taken as accepted that the people watching the movie have already read the book so if a few pictures are shown from the book every one would go home happy and the producers could continue with their money making spree. Even the special effects were nothing great...I got a feeling of having seen them before.

I went for the movie looking forward to the tricks played on Dolores Jane Umbridge by the Weasley twins and was thoroughly disappointed to see a few fireworks being passed off as their rebellion at Hogwarts. One big let down. I dont think I am going to be wathcing the remaining movies in the series and I sincerely hope that the last book which I am looking forward to so eagerly does not go the same way as this flick and if does , it will provide fodder for "I Want My Money Back - Part 2 " !


Broom said...

They couldn't have possibly put everything in the movie. The book was just too long (not that I'm complaining - the longer the HP book, the better).

I did miss some stuff, but I loved, LOVED the movie!

The Weekend Blogger said...

You have a point there broom...the book was a long (and thank goodness for that) but they still could have incorporated some more stuff .

teahouse said...

Ha! I've read all of the books, but thanks for the tip. I'm sure I'll find the movie disappointing as well. So even the kiss with Cho wasn't good?

The Weekend Blogger said...

the kiss was insipid.

Broom said...

I take it back. I read a synopsis of OOP & HBP before embarking on DH and you were right - tons was left out. Stuff I'd forgotten about, but stuff that should have been there.

But I still loved the movie! :)

Hope you're well on your way through reading DH by now.