Monday, April 2, 2007

The Week That Was....

I have just survived what is the most stressful, tiring, irritating and yet so very sadistically satifying week in the life of any employee of a life insurance company. The last week of March..when eevery policy issued means a promotion, a trip, a you can imagine how many people have been ateempting to hold a knife to my throat with the hope that I may be firghtened into acting according to their chose course, but I amsuch a nast nasty creature who refuses to get scared and who also figures out the under dogs ( I was the first one to confidently predict Bangladesh's win over India !
) and so I gave priority to those nervous first time advisors who hesitantly handed in their first policies and stood in the back ground ...I supported the sales manager who helped me follow rules....and I plucked up the courage to show the finger to the rude, uneecessairly aggressive people and actally sent them to hell.

I have been nasty to nasty people and that has given me a great deal of satisfaction.So there !

I also beagan this week by promissing to eat healthy ...and only from my own luch box (and any one else's provided it had home-cooked food
) but I ended up gorging on sizzlers form Peter Cat, some vague food from Marco Polo and "n" number of burgers from KFC and Mcdonalds.

By friday , this was how we were talking to each other at work:

P.S If this post seems a bit is but normal....can barely keep my eyes open !


Aqua said...

anyone who gets to eat in peter cat shouldn't complain :)

i miss those chelo kababs. SOB!

The Weekend Blogger said...

Hey Aqua...this weekend a post on Peter Cat just for you !