Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One More Post

My Dear Long-Neglected Blog,

It is so good to see that you haven’t self-destructed as yet in vengeance for my negligence. To be very honest, I have missed you and have often wanted to return to you earlier, but circumstances and inertia have always got the better of me. It was so much easier to neglect you than to sit down and make a serious effort at churning out a post for you.

With 75% of 2011 over, I did some reflection on the months gone past and this feeling of stagnation at all levels is overpowering and hard hitting. The fact that I was (am?) drifting from one day to another as possibilities fade out and just getting older, isn’t something easy to come to terms with.

And so my dear blog, here I am, back to you. Maybe you’ll help me find a new direction, maybe you wont à but I do hope that you’ll help me take up and polish this rusted hobby of mine.

Much love,