Friday, July 2, 2010

Potential Postponed

So many times I have begun pieces only to abandon them after the first few paragraphs by telling myself that I would complete it later and direct my attention towards things more important – my job, my responsibilities, my relationships…and somewhere along the line the things that I enjoy to do the most fades into the background.

I am certainly not the best of writers and cannot for the life of me churn out expressive lines yet I feel a sense of calm as my pen flies over the pages trying to keep pace with my thoughts and I see the words flow into phrases and the phrases into sentences that flow into each other.

I am able to write when I able to think deeply. Come to think of it I haven’t written anything for ages - does that mean that I have not been thinking deeply enough? Or on the contrary was I thinking so much that I lost my thoughts before I could them put them down on paper? Or was I so busy being busy that I just decided to postpone my potential for a little while longer?