Sunday, June 21, 2009

50 Rupees

Yesterday, on the way to my gym (yesss...folks, I am trying to treat my body like a temple and it is no fun. ), it was around 6 am and I was the only person on the street. One has to be very careful when walking through the streets of Old Rajinder Nagar, Delhi thanks to the doggy poo lying around (a rant post on this in the offing) and there I was carefully walking with my head down looking out for potential "mines" and I saw a crisp 50 rupee note just lying there in the middle of the street. I checked for any strings or attachments to see if it was a part of some one's early morning joke but I found none.

I wrestled with my conscience as to whether I should pick it up and if I did pick the note what would I do with it ? And then I had a flashback.....

I was in college and practically starving, I lived on a sum of Rs. 100 per week and one week, the horrid landlord that we had took 100 bucks off us for carrying out some "repairs" and there I was left with no money for the week. I managed the first two days going without breakfast and then on the third day, I really ahd no clue as to how I was going to make it till the end of the month. I was scared and worried and I did not want to borrow from any one. I just sat down in the college library and prayed with tears.

After college got over, I began walking back to my room and once again I was on a deserted road and I found a 50/= note just lying there (sounds cliched but I swear it's the truth)and I looked around, saw nobody and decided to pick it up. The saved me and lasted me till I received my next meagre replenishment.

Standing there now, 12 years later staring at a similar situation, I recalled my earlier need and desperation and I took a decision. I decided to let the note lie there . On my way back, I saw that the note had gone and I hoped that either :

a. the person who had dropped had picked it up or,
b. a really needy person had come across and found the money just like I had years ago.


My thoughts on reading through some exhchanges of "scraps" and "wall posts" on Orkut and Facebook amongst some old foes from my school days :

At 14 - They were hip and cool in school.

At 24 - They thought that they were hip and cool...and not so far from school.

At 34 - They are still trying to be hip and cool...still living in their dad'd pockets like they did in school. (Never found the time to get a means livelihood)...........The TWB takes a bow and continues lurking and sniggering.

The Erratic Blogger

At this rate , I really ought to change my name from the "The Weekend Blogger" to " The Erratic Blogger". I just seem to be either busy or tired. And the worst part of all this is that nothing that I am being pushed into doing has any direction nor making any sense nor giving me any pleasure. When will this madness end ?