Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Some More Dirty Linen

Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers.It really meant a lot to me. Now I need to tell you how it went.

The day began with Pest and his son, Pest Jr. (my cousin with whom I thought I shared a great relationship) calling me repeatedly on my cell and telling me to vacate thet house immediately. I was scared but I put up a brave front .

Peast came to the house accompanied by two of his "friends" from the building society. Initially Pest did a lot of huffing and puffing in the hope of blowing us down but a miracle happened. My mother stood up and asked me to go into the bedroom. My brother and dad had been sent away from the scene. My mother spoke to the two men who had come with Pest and asked them whether they were interested in hearing our side of the story . Inspite of Pest's efforts to stop them, the two men agreed to hear my mother out.

And my mother spoke out for the first time in the 33 years of her married life. She told them aboout what Pest, his wife and mother-in-law had done to us. She told them about the treatment meted out by a sister blinded by her greed for property towards her invalid brother and she told them all about Pest's fraudulent tactics.

She also told them that we were not interested in occupying this flat and Pest should pay us the money that had been agreed and that we be allowed to move out with dignity.

The two gentlemen heard her out in surprise ( because all said and done, my mother is very respected in our locality because she keeps to herself and people have seen how she has single-handedly brought us up inspite of sever financial problems after my dad's illness without complaining or seeking any help from any one) and the first thing that came out when my mother had finished speaking was, " But he is paying you peanuts !" My mother said that we were not interested in fighting for money, we just wanted our Dad to have a roof over his head which would be his and his alone.

Pest had paled by then and even though he tried to defend himself....no one was interested in him any more. He was dragged off by these two gentlemen and forced to pay us and at the same time , he was forced to give us 45 days in which to move to our new flat. Pest wanted this to be put on a contract and we agreed because we were worried about the cheque bouncing and things like that.

The next day Pest came with a lawyer and the two gentlemen accompanied him to avoid any hanky-panky from his side. He gave us the cheque and the two gentlemen told my mother , "If this cheque bounces, you can rest asured that no one can ever make you leave this place ...even if he calls himself the owner" . Pest tried taking out his frustration at having been caught on the wrong foot and exposed to his friends and colleagues by shouting and saying horrid things to my dad and mother but my mother just stood up to him and calmly said , " I have heard you for the last 32 years...all the rubbish that you and your wife said....not anymore ....now just shut up and get out. " Pest's face was a sight !

That evening, we rushed to book the flat that we had spotted in the suburbs, a comfortable airy and well-lit appartment with greenery all around...and as we came out of the complex after completing the formalities , my brother suddenly shouted , " Look Didi, Kaash Phool...the agomoni has begun , Durga pujas are on the way"

And I said...Ma Durga is already with us.....she is a bit tired after saving her family form becoming homeless, but she is waiting for us to get back home safely today.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Die Another Day

We've emerged vistorious. Details to follow. Right now I am too tired.